I just wanted to share what a wonderful experience it was working with Kelly Landry. Prior to meeting with Kelly, I worked with an architect on a redesign for our first floor, which included an 16×16 addition and set the basics for a kitchen remodel. After the architect’s design was finalized, we began the work of finding a contractor. As this was a rather large project, we met with several contractors. During our conversations with the contractors, Kelly’s name kept coming up. After the third contractor recommended that we work with Kelly, we knew we needed to contact her! We made a final contractor selection and began working with Kelly. Through our discussions we quickly learned the design the architect had come up with really wouldn’t work in our home. In short, Kelly not only redesigned and moved the kitchen concept to a preferable area of the first floor, but she also helped us with the final plan for the other first floor rooms. Our project took many twists and turns, but the main constant was always Kelly. She was incredibly patient with me as we navigated changes that came up due to cost, preferences, and a contractor change. She helped me think of everything I would need for my perfect kitchen. The end result was more than I ever could have imagined! To say I highly recommend Kelly is an understatement. She is amazing at what she does!!